Before & After Departure Services

Pre-departure briefing session

Going abroad is a dream come true for students and they get excited after getting visa. However, there is a feeling of restlessness and anxiety that arise in their hearts at the time of departure. The thoughts of leaving their comfort zone and entering a world full of uncertainties can be quiet daunting. We assured as we do not leave our students after their visa grant but also guide them along the way through their journey and beyond. We are committed to maintain a smooth relation with our students and we have done that in past.

We conduct briefing sessions on departures and guide our students about the way to avoid problems while studying Abroad. We give you information about how to get public transports, accommodation, jobs and things students mostly require.


Post-arrival pick ups

We have associate offices in Australia & Canada and we assure that whoever needs assistance after landing in these two countries, we provide them Airport Pick up and initial accommodation on student’s request. We also brief students about country by providing country maps and emergency contact numbers. We help students in settling down in these big cities until they become familiar with their surroundings. We urge our newly arrived students to call us whenever they feel nostalgic or need help. ¬†Even though our offices open in the weekdays between 10 am to 6 pm, our admin staff receive phones call from people who are in urgent need of our help.